Studio EA is a multi discipline firm focused on Architecture, Art, and Collaboration.

Carl Erickson is an architect who received his professional education at Carnegie Mellon University, graduating 1984. His ensuing 35 years of practice has been dedicated to delivering creative inspired design for client’s who are looking for solutions that are aesthetically significant additions to the built environment, eminently functional, technically appropriate, budgetarily responsible, and which will endure the test of time.

Juliet Araujo is an artist, educator, and writer. Schooled at Pratt Institute, graduating 1984 with a degree in fine arts, University of Florida, graduating 2013 with a Masters of Education, and currently attending IDSVA writing a dissertation leading to a Doctorate of Philosophy, she has devoted her life to exploring the meaning and transformative import of our visual world, expressing herself by means of painting in numerous mediums, teaching the benefits and joys of artistic expression, and writing on topics of cultural, ethical, and philosophical import.

Together Carl and Juliet feed off of each others world view, creative energy, and mutual desire to leave a lasting positive influence on the world for the sake of both the current human condition and future generations. To that end, in addition to each passionately pursuing their individual goals, they team to create collaborative works, be they fixed pieces, performance, or community based projects.

As Studio EA achieves these aims we will continue to record and present the results on these pages. We welcome you to return to this site regularly, whether out of general interest, a desire for inspiration, or to just gain a deeper understanding of what we are all about.